Contemplative Studies Initiative and Concentration

Watanabe Lab Comes to Brown CLPS, Affiliates with Contemplative Studies

Renowned cognitive scientist, Takeo Watanabe, has moved his Visual Cognition Laboratory from Boston University to the Brown Department of Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences.

Takeo WatanabeThe new lab will be called the "Watanabe Laboratory for Perceptual and Cognitive Learning," and includes Associate Professor Yuka Sasaki and a team of 20 post-doctoral and graduate students. In addition to being housed in CLPS, the Watanabe Lab will be affiliated with the Contemplative Studies Initiative and has already begun discussing collaborative research projects. They join two exisiting labs affiliated with Brown Contemplative Studies, the Britton Lab for Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, and the Kerr Lab for Translational Neuroscience.

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