Contemplative Studies Initiative and Concentration

Research Opportunities

The Clinical and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory

The CLANlab studies contemplative, affective, and clinical neuroscience. Co-directed by neuroscientist and clinical psychologist Willoughby Britton, Ph.D., and religious studies scholar Jared Lindahl, Ph.D., the lab researches the effects of contemplative practices on cognitive, emotional, and neurophysiological processes in both clinical and non-clinical settings.

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Brown University Mindfulness and Cardiovascular Health Lab

The lab is dedicated to evaluating the effects of mindfulness on heart disease and stroke risk factors, such as blood pressure, obesity, diet and physical activity. It also provides a resource to educate the community on interventions that work, through information shared on this website and in-person programs at Brown University in Providence, RI. We also provide training programs for students interested in being trained in the mindfulness research and interventions.

Faculty Members

Additionally, Contemplative Studies has numerous faculty members who will work with our concentrators on science projects and independent studies.

  • Judson Brewer

    Contemplative Studies, School of Public Health - Mindfulness Center at Brown, Psychiatry – Warren Alpert Medical School
  • Margaret Bublitz

    Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Ellen Flynn

    Psychiatry - Alpert Medical School, Women’s Health Collaborative, Mindfulness Center at Brown
  • Stephanie R. Jones

  • Sara Lazar

    Contemplative Studies, Harvard-Mass General
  • Christopher Moore

    Neuroscience, Carney Institute for Brain Science
  • Elena Salmoirago-Blotcher

    Associate Professor of Medicine, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Associate Professor of Epidemiology
  • Mariah Stump

    Assistant Professor of Medicine, Clinician Educator

Additional Resources

An archive of videos from Contemplative Studies lectures since 2017.
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