Contemplative Studies Initiative and Concentration

The Concentration

The Concentration in Contemplative Studies investigates the underlying philosophical, psychological and scientific bases of human contemplative experience.

Students pursue a “third person” academic approach drawn from the humanities and sciences to analyze the cultural, historical and scientific underpinnings of contemplative experiences in domains such as religion, art, music, literature and health. This is developed in combination with a "critical first-person" approach based in practical experience of contemplative techniques and methods to provide an integrated understanding of the role of contemplative thought and experience in societies and on the individuals who constitute them.

The Contemplative Studies Concentration requires 12 courses; 6 core courses and 6 courses from either the science track or the humanities track.
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A listing of the Brown Contemplative Studies and related courses.
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Sponsored by the Department of Sociology and the Swearer Center, the Engaged Scholarship Certificate (ESC) allows undergraduate students to investigate public, civic, and/or social justice issues that they are passionate about through the integration of academic study with community-based learning, research and action. 
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Practice Grants

The Brown University Contemplative Studies Initiative, with the support of the Hershey Family Foundation, administers a program of grants to support Brown Arts and Sciences students who would like to participate in a Contemplative Retreat. Awards range from up to $400 for non-Contemplative Studies Concentrators and up to $800 for Contemplative Studies Concentrators.