Contemplative Studies Initiative and Concentration

Practice Opportunities

Encountering Contemplative Practices at Brown.

COST Courses with Med Labs

  • COST 0040 Great Contemplative Traditions of Asia
  • COST 0100 Introduction to Contemplative Studies
  • COST 0125 Your Moment of Zen
  • COST 0200 Meditation and the Brain
  • COST 0420 The Theory and Practice of Buddhist Meditation
  • COST 0450 Stages Along the Contemplative Path
  • COST 0520 Tai Chi, Qigong and Traditions of Energy Cultivation in China
  • COST 0525 The History and Practice of Yoga in India and Beyond
  • COST 0532 The Contemplative Way:  The Origins of Classical Daoism
  • COST 0535 Self-Transformation and Transcendence in Later Daoist Contemplative Traditions
  • COST 0555 Zen:  An Introduction
  • COST 0570 Science, Religion and Search for Happiness in Traditional Asian Thought
  • COST 1420 The Contemplative Foundations of Classical Daoism
  • COST 1442 The History, Philosophy and Practice of Rinzai Zen Buddhism
  • COST 1700A The History, Philosophy and Practice of Rinzai Zen Buddhism:   Zen Master Hakuin Ekaku
  • COST 1705A The Principles and Practices of Contemplative Studies
  • COST 1950 Senior Concentrators Seminar

Virtual Contemplative Mentors in Residence Program

The Brown University Virtual Contemplative Mentors in Residence Program makes tradition-based contemplative practices available to students and faculty at Brown University and several affiliated institutions. The Contemplative Mentors in Residence are all skilled practitioners in their respective traditions and also PhD- level scholars who have extensive experience teaching at institutions of higher education in Asia, North America and Europe. These practitioner- scholars are familiar with the Liberal Arts values typical of higher education and are thus able to suit their teaching to the academic environment. Each of our Contemplative Mentors has extensive training in both the contexts and the methods of the practices they will be leading.


Our mentors teach weekly in the noon hour Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for 12 weeks during each term of the upcoming academic year.

The Fall Sessions start the week of September 18th.

  • Mondays: Thai Samatha (Concentrative) Meditation: Sarah Shaw
  • Wednesdays: Chinese Qigong Moving Meditation: Larson DiFiori
  • Fridays: Japanese Rinzai Zen Meditation: Masaki Matsubara

The Mindfulness Center at Brown

The Mindfulness Center at Brown University was established in 2017, in collaboration with the Brown University School of Public Health, the Warren Alpert Medical School and the Contemplative Studies Initiative. The MC@B utilizes a truly collaborative and rigorous approach to both research and training joined with a broad global perspective and deep roots in contemplative studies. It brings together top academics in research with leading educators in mindfulness. Dedicated to rigorous research and student-centered education, their goal is to offer programs that improve individual lives and organizational effectiveness. Their courses are offered in-person and live-online, in the local community, nationally and globally.

Visit The Mindfulness Center at Brown University

The Mindfulness Center offers training through the School of Professional Studies in


BWell supports the development of skills for lifelong, holistic health and wellbeing for all Brown students by offering interventions that are both community- and evidence-informed, and rooted in social justice to empower growth and the ability to thrive, prevent health disparities, and respond to emergent needs. BWell has an extensive discussion of mindfulness and mindfulness practices on its website – along with related links and resources.

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BWell Health Promotion is located on the ground level of the Health and Wellness building at 450 Brook Street, Providence, R.I., 02912.

Student Run Groups

The Brown Meditation Community

  • Advisor: Antwan Bluster

The Brown Meditation Community (BMC) is a nondenominational, undergraduate-run group that meets weekly for meditation sits. Community members of all identities and experiences are welcome

Contemplative Studies Departmental Undergraduate Group (DUG)

  • Advisor: Harold Roth
  • Current Leadership: Elisa Kim ‘05

The Contemplative Studies DUG (Departmental Undergraduate Group) is a dedicated community of students committed to cultivating an inclusive environment where individuals from diverse academic backgrounds can come together, forge authentic connections, and develop meaningful friendships with like-minded peers. Furthermore, it serves as a valuable resource for connecting with faculty members and accessing opportunities within the field of Contemplative Studies.  Their mission is achieved through the organization of community-building events, social gatherings, and the promotion of the core objectives of Contemplative Studies. By fostering an atmosphere of support and understanding, the DUG members aspire to make a meaningful contribution towards creating a more compassionate and interconnected world.